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Little Maja is born supermodel and for her 7 months she is extremely professional.
While I was taking pictures of her I was surprised as non of the activities typical for photoshoot – like changing outfits, styling her hair or flashing bothered Maja.
Here is a sneak preview of Maja’s pictures that were taken in my studio last Friday


At the beginning of October I was taking pictures of Brenda who was celebrating her 70th with her husband Roy and children Kate and Dave.  They were absolutely fantastic, so no surprise the weather matched their positive attitude. Great family and for me it was pleasure to be there with them. Once again, Happy Birthday Brenda.

I hired Monika to do a photo shoot of the family for mum’s 70th at a location by the Thames.  We had a fabulous morning and are delighted with the results.  Monika is very warm, friendly and professional.  We all instantly relaxed and the pictures speak for themselves – I couldn’t have chosen a better gift for mum on her special day.  I’d thoroughly recommend Monika for any similar family celebration or portrait shots of a loved one.

Dave Biggs, college lecturer



Eva and Ahmed had found my details on internet when they were looking for a photographer.  Eva and I had a brief chat and they both decided they wanted me to take pictures of them at their wedding.

I was a little bit nervous when I found out that Ahmed himself is a very talented photographer and they have chosen me!!!  I knew the expectations are high, so I did what I always do – go there and try to be creative and take as good pictures as I could. I hope they are happy with the results J

It was a little bit of a challenge to subdue Ahmed and his friends J These guys know what it means to have a good time. It was great experience so thank you Eva and Ahmed for having me. Wishing you all the best I hope your dreams will come true.

Recourses for this wedding:

Ceremony – Ealing Town Hall – www.ealing.gov.uk


The second of the two weddings of my very close friend I had this year was Adrienn and Gabor’s.

Lukasz and I went for their wedding to Hungary to a small town Bonyhad.

Adrienn and her mum were working very hard to make it all look as gorgeous as it is only possible. It made an impression!!! The decorations – flowers, crystals, organza, candles and many other bits and pieces created breathtaking atmosphere of the place where the reception was based.

The bride with 1920’s hairstyle, dark eyes, St Patrick dress and long veil looked so stunning many could not stop starring at her.

That was a great family party that all the generations loved.

We also had a nice surprise – the band learned and played for us a polish song we had to dance in front of all the guests. That was a great fun.

Adrienn and Gabor, thank you for the great time we had at your wedding. We wish you a lot of happiness and luck in the future.


This was the first of two big weddings of my very close friends I was attending and taking pictures of this year.

Honestly, doing something like that for your friends is probably one of the most stressful and on the other hand most exciting things you could experience as a photographer.

Agatka and Grzes are the people I can say that I have known for all my life. We grew up in the distance of max 300meters from each other. Agatka was my upstairs neighbour and we used to communicate with each other by knocking on the radiator what was driving our downstairs neighbour absolutely mad. Grzes lived in the block opposite ours one so we had kind of a good view of what he was up to J. To cut the long story short … they got married in our home town Szydlowiec     on the 24th of July 2010. That was the ceremony and party each couple is dreaming about and being there with Agatka and Grzes was a great honour for us.  There were balloons, fireworks, fab Italian songs, people full of energy  on the dancefloor, great surprise from Agatka & Grzes` friends who were singing for them a specially written for songs, and there was much much more of entertainment. It was incredible.

Lukasz helped me a lot with taking pictures and as we were shooting for whole Saturday (bride’s preparation, photoshoot in Oronsko, parents` blessing, ceremony in St Zygmunt church in Szydlowiec, the reception in Bacowka in Barak) and on Monday morning as well, there was a lot of pictures we had to go through to select the quintessence of this wedding.

Agatko and Grzesiu wishing you all the best I hope the pictures you have got from us will bring a smile on your faces whenever you will be looking at them.

Recourses for this wedding:

Hairstyle – Miss Marzenka – Kilinskiego Street, Szydlowiec

Makeup – Mrs Zosia – Kilinskiego Street, Szydlowiec

Church – Saint Zygmunt church in Szydlowiec – www.swzygmunt.pl

Reception – Bacowka, Barak


Justyna and Zoran have found me in google and asked to take some pictures before and during their wedding ceremony in Serbian Orthodox Church of St Sava in London.

I was really excited as that was the first time I was supposed to take pictures over there. A new location is always exciting. The church was stunning and the whole ceremony, although I was not able to understand much, was very interesting and involving. The atmosphere of the place so sublime everyone was deeply touched. Justyna looked gorgeous in her halter neck dress with lacy sleeves and great smoky eyes makeup.

We went for the photoshoot do Holland Park, and that was great choice. The weather was perfect.

Both of them loved their wedding day and that is what each couple is always dreaming about, they have an album with pictures to remind them about it :-)

To see Justyna & Zoran’s gallery click on the link: http://ovilion.co.uk/photos/wedding/justyna&zoran/

Recourses for this wedding:

Dress, suit, jewellery & accessories – The Bridal Gallerywww.thebridalgalleryuk.com

Flowers – Devil and Angel Flowerswww.devilandangelflowers.com

Reception – Acropolis Restaurant - www.urbanspoon.com/r/52/560141/restaurant/London/Ealing/Acropolis-Acton


Each bride I have worked with so far would be a very good Project Manager when it goes to organizing her own wedding. Katie was definitely one of the best Bride to be / PM in wedding action.

Katie & Tim meticulously planned the whole ceremony and the whole event. Everything was in place and on time, so pleasure and great fun to work with both of them. Both families were involved in preparation of the wedding so the whole event was great experience for all who gathered in church and at the venue.

It would take me ages to describe all details of the wedding starting from the bride`s dress, gorgeous flowers, colourful cupcakes, great music and all the bits and pieces that made the day so great, so simply just have a look at the pictures to admire the couple and their creativity.  It was joy to be there with them. Congratulations!!!

To see more pictures from Katie & Tim`s wedding click on the link: http://ovilion.co.uk/photos/wedding/katie&tim/

Recourses for this wedding:

Flowers & decorations – Blossom Pink Flowerswww.blossomspink.co.uk

Venue – Trailfinders Sports Club at Ealingwww.tfsc.co.uk

Church – Free Churchwww.brentfordfreechurch.com


Wedding Photo of Wioleta and KarolWioleta and Karol’s preparations for the wedding started early in the morning in the Bridal Gallery at South Ealing. No one expected the weather to be so good for the beginning of April, so that was a lovely surprise.

When I popped in to the Bridal Gallery around 10am to shoot the preparation of the bride, Wioleta was already getting ready. Everything was going according to the plan. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous – beautiful makeup, great hairstyle, stunning flowers and of course a lovely romantic dress with green accessories.

The whole day was amazing and I am sure the couple loved every minute of it from parents` blessing, ceremony in the church, photoshoot (I did not make it easy for them :-)  ) and dancing until the morning.

To see Wioleta & Karol’s gallery click on the link: http://ovilion.co.uk/photos/wedding/wioleta&karol/

Recourses for this wedding:

Dress, suit, jewellery & accessories – The Bridal Gallerywww.thebridalgalleryuk.com

Flowers – Devil and Angel Flowerswww.devilandangelflowers.com

Make-up & Hairstyle – Jola Zglobicka www.stylist4fashion.co.uk

Reception – Acropolis Restaurant - www.urbanspoon.com/r/52/560141/restaurant/London/Ealing/Acropolis-Acton


Marta Makeover Photo

Marta Makeover Photography

Marta Makeover Photo

Marta Makeover Photography

Makeover session at The Bridal Gallery South Ealing.

Model: Marta

Sep 182009
Lia's little feet

Lia's little feet

Lia & dad

Lia & dad



Lia, few weeks after her birth.

Monika Zyzman

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